Chemtrails have been around for a few years now, old cloud books from the 60's show them when they started testing, sightings have been reported since the 70's and 80's with a steady increase into the 90's. The strange thing about these trails is the fact that most people see them but they do not question the fact that they are there. They believe them to be jet contrails, a jet contrail will dissipate after a few seconds, they will not stay in the air and produce clouds...Chemtrails will spread out and turn into clouds over a period of time. Chemtrails are laid down in certain patterns in the sky, you will see them make "X" patterns,also laid out in a grid pattern. There are so many theories out as to what is the purpose of the lines but no one really knows the reason except the ones' doing this massive spraying. 

The conditioning for people to believe they are a part of everyday  life has begun with chemtrails showing up in movies, kid's cartoons and in books and magazines. The Disney movie Cars has excellent examples of this also the kids movie Over The Hedge is full of the trails.

The website Weather Wars is an excellent source to study and learn about what is being sprayed and how it can affect us, the website has been put up by a trained, award winning meteorologist (Scott Stevens). This website is one of the first sites years ago that I started following that opened my eyes to not only chemtrails but to the whole picture of what is really happening to us a people. 

The pictures below I have taken myself near Charlotte, NC as you can see this is not a naturally occurring phenomena it is clearly done intentionally. The only alterations to the photos are done with Picasa's I'm feeling lucky button to enhance the picture.


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