The whole 9/11 conspiracy is forever evolving.....To me, there is so much evidence against the official government story that it looks like Swiss cheese...On that terrible day in United States history, we were lied to like we have been never lied to before....the evidence speaks for itself, there is no way that three massive concrete and steel structures could come down the way they did with out some type of assistance. I remember watching all the news channels on the horrific day and thinking. How can this be happening on our soil? My first thoughts upon seeing the first tower come down was, wow... that sure does look like a controlled demolition..

By then end of the day when building seven came crashing down at 5:20pm, I knew then and there, this was not what we are lead to believe it was....The evidence of building seven is right in front of our eyes, that was definitely a controlled demolition....No building in history has ever come down like that from fire or damage....

After watching the building seven video...watch this video of the Aladdin Hotel in Vegas being brought down..

Now it does not take a rocket scientist to see the similarities between the two videos...you can not tell my anything different happened to building seven than the controlled demo of the Aladdin hotel, I can see it with my own eyes...

The interesting thing of the below video is the fire fighter saying he saw a large "black plane" hit the second tower...when did American Airlines start flying black planes?

The biggest tragedy of 9/11 is, first and foremost all the innocent people that had to lose their lives....In military terms this is called "Collateral Damage" which is exactly the reason why these people were killed...they just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time...The powers that be, see losing a few thousand innocent lives is all in the name of doing business. They have an agenda and are going to do what it takes to make sure that agenda is continually moving forward to the end game....

Like any and all conspiracies the truth is usually hidden in plain sight, you just have to have the ability to look at things for what they really are, not for what you are told they are to be...The final video below is "Loose Change" if you have not seen the video, it is definitely worth the time.. 


  1. One thing we need to get straight. We are using the word *Hijack* improperly. Hijacking refers to forcing someone else to fly/drive you someplace against their will usually for political reasons or to escape justice.

    In this case of Nine Eleven the commercial airliners were down right stolen since according to the official timeline if you are to believe that the pilots were killed without so much as a struggle. In this case there never was any hijacking involved.

    Instead the commercial jetliners were down right stolen. This would actually be the first time ever that commercial airplanes were stolen in plain sight and for almost an hour they had free flight without being pursued.

    No pilot would willingly fly their plane into an obstacle unless they were somehow *in* on the deal and would rather die then face justice.

  2. Heck if those terrorists really wanted to they could've flown completely to another country for political asylum that doesn't have US Extradition ties and would've gotten away scot free which the US political parties would've soft peddled the issue to not appear racist.